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The text chapter 10 immobilized SIMS

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1 The text chapter 10 immobilized SIMS Την / Το Τετ Ιουλ 13, 2011 8:20 pm

buy shoes supra A zhangs mountain, up everywhere, waterfalls, stream pines cyproess and winding mountains a and a

palace, stands on the mountainside, between the high mountain, the top, but also has a rippling beside the tianchi, tianchi, stands a more magnificent

palace. Crane, iron, gold, carve wings dapeng white deer, white tiger, the moon,, peacock these spirit birds on the hill, spirit beast walking around.
Thousands of ganoderma lucidum medicine field, ginseng medicine field are arranged in the mountains, and produce a written in millions. "Purple electricity

palace"!!!!! The three characters, impressed on the hill and palace of the gate on the tablet. This is a important feather Angle mountain peaks, the purple

electricity, is FangQing snow peak become really chuan disciple, feather door after the reward down, represented a status symbol.
adidas water grip At this time, FangQing snow sitting in the chair purple electricity palace, looking at the * *

one hundred people for the slave, frowning slightly wrinkled once: "this purple electricity peaks of the industry, although I was with my whole heart, but I

practice to retreat under, often a retreat, is months,supra skytops even half a year,

and no time in. You so much, I'll choose several slave reliable to do. Party cold, to listen to the eu says you have a good horse, he brought two hundred and

fifty people, responsible for the fed, the white tiger, the crane spirit beast, this is spirit beast card! You take this card, drop of blood on it, the

spirit beast is will listen to your words. Choose their own people!"
buy supra shoes Speak, a red glow, between toward FangHanFei over. Party cold in the hand, but found that pushed

is a slap the size of the jade CARDS, engraved with various animals, the size of the petty lifelike, like these animals the soul of the spirit be seal in

jade general card.
supra shoes "It got big miss recognition, by a slave of the horses, it became big director, direct the two hundred

and fifty people, the tube position of going up 磳 磳 ceng ah." In the original advice, party a is not possible by the small GuDing become great manager,

because the rule for advice and highly resilience reward. And relations is complex, and the party cold even with credit, it is impossible to climb to such

high position.
cheap supra shoes But in the door from the electric peak is different, FangQing uniting with all my heart, no snow to

too many management housework, directly by, abnormality promoted. "What's the matter with it" "He is a slave, incredibly small an inferior climbed to our

head." "Impossible, no chance." "How can choose him as fed miss spirit beast." the manager FangQing snow this command down, suddenly the presence of a slave,

comment in succession, all face lit up can't believe look. Especially a few are slaves of extremely, the eyes immediately flashed XiongGuang, seemed to be

party go on eating cold generally. These a few pithy, slaves are original advice of high status in the slave, such as the large investment manager, each

fall, with thousands of people to the country to push the rent, aweinspiring, all want hard answer. County magistrate These people follow the FangQing snow

to feather Angle mountain, all want to get full benefits, get a real gravy train. Angle mountain, purple peak electricity benefits of verification, the

benefits of than. But now a big advantage is party out of the cold, only the murder go mind. But they are not going in the verification, they can be looked

for relations, spilled the dirty water to party, but here, the FangQing snow word is imperial decree, just in piedmont, the big cut killed eight people miss

eight of crane seemed still remember, where, still dare noisy? FangQing snow and whether these people whisper, in her opinion, the most important is the

science of uniting the, again, the uniting trivial things, don't bother her.
She each other, promote cold were impressed. She open the door from disciple, than the emperor aims of her character, where every day in mind and a short ~?

These are all common people do. nike gladiator sandals "The Qiang! You be responsible for electric purple peak food

and clean, choose three hundred slaves on it. I retreat, according to the diet, every day I take the food to the static room." outside "Be!" FangQing snow

constantly bade, called a party of Qiang woman stepped out. The party Qiang, originally is the party of government leaders, girl was appointed responsible

for food and clean,Discount supras but also and the original fairly. "The full, you bring

two hundred people responsible for this purple electricity peaks, up and down the eighty pills field, crystal, purple electricity rice planting, harvesting

the wonderful flower." "Be!" An extremely efficient, the eyes of the man standing out relentless, this man is just full of dangers in one of the other cold

person. "FangRui, you take two hundred people, is responsible for the management of clothing, goods, reinstated purchasing various kinds of needed things.

Well, I'll set down rules, each of you to do it." The basic necessities, the four great thing well arranged, FangQing snow body movement and direct

disappear, closed our practice, at the same time, the purple electricity the temple palace gate, also slowly shut and leaves * * one hundred slaves of men in

the supra skytop iii square to prepare each with respect to everybody.
And the following a few original verification, miss two FangQingWei but have not present. Because they are outside the door to the disciples, and have deeper

in the mountains to the world.
Provided the disciple, divided into seazan outside door disciple, interior door disciple, disciple, and then charge is really chuan criminal law, many elders

made elders, and Lord, and finally the door of their giving. The slaves, actually the party was not provided the door.
Among them the door disciple have reciprocal fight, want to promotion for the interior, and the inner door disciple disciple fight for promotion aims to


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